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Here at the Hippie Homesteader we believe that wellness and beauty is best designed by nature. The Hippie Homesteader products are handcrafted in small batches using only pure essential oils and naturally sourced ingredients. Our essential oil blends uplift the mind, body, and spirit with the power of nature.

But you’re probably wondering ‘Who is this hippie?’ Amanda Rose, creator of The Hippie Homesteader, is a self proclaimed new age hippie, who has created a healthy, sustainable, green lifestyle by ditching modern conveniences and getting back to the simple perfection nature has to offer.

“Growing up, I was plagued by allergies and sensitivities which led me to begin studying herbal medicine and aromatherapy. While learning to create my own health and wellness regimen I discovered my passion for crafting products with herbs and essential oils. I infused them with my energy and I put love and passion into every bottle and every bar. After sharing my creations with friends, family, and four legged companions they all wanted more and encouraged me to keep creating!”

In 2016 the decision was made to take this passion for natural wellness and create line of products and thus The Hippie Homesteader was born. Located in the historic village of Sharon, Wisconsin, The Hippie Homestead is home to the a small flock of hens, a variety of herb, flower, and vegetable gardens, and a plethora of wild berries lining the property. The peaceful, rural location is the perfect location for the production of The Hippie Homesteader Products.

And I just love hearing from our customers so please join me on Facebook or Instagram and drop me a line. Tell me about yourself, share pictures of your homestead, or just say hi!


Address: 181 Prairie Street

Sharon, Wisconsin 53585

Phone: 608-289-9555


United States

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