365 Days of Wellness

The first month of every year is a time when resolutions are born and when resolutions die. We resolve to quit our bad habits, lose the weight, hit the gym, go to church, what have you. We have the best of intentions, wanting to create a better version of ourselves, but old habits die hard, and we beat ourselves up when we fail to keep the promise to do better this time.

In 2018 I found myself as a full time entrepreneur, and while I love every aspect of my business it can be a stressful and busy life. While creating products and building a brand around natural wellness, I found my own wellness practices to be taking a back seat. Busy days meant eating snack food for dinner at best and fast food take out at worst. Extra stress left me with little down time to relax and unwind. The time I spent reading the stacks of books I have accumulated over the years was traded for accounting work and customer relations. I even allowed my spiritual growth to be put on the back burner. I told myself there was no time for meditation, I have to work!

I know full well that this kind of schedule is impossible to keep and that I will soon crash and burn if I don't put myself first. Too many of us live our lives this way, giving to our jobs, our children, our spouses, and our businesses but never to ourselves.

This is the inspiration behind our 365 Days of Wellness Journey. The challenge is to do one thing each day for ourselves. It isn't a long term goal, it isn't a number on the scale, it isn't hours on a treadmill. It is taking our lives one day at a time and taking part of that day to do something to better our mind, our body, or our spirit. One day your goal might be an hour at the gym, another day a 10 minute meditation. It could be a home cooked healthy meal or time spent reading your favorite magazine that has been collecting dust. Every one's path will be unique. Every day may be a different goal or accomplishment. And we will all undoubtedly have days where we fail, and that's okay. Tomorrow will be a new day to try again.

As we travel along our paths I will be sharing my progress, tips and ideas, natural product reviews, and hopefully a little inspiration. I challenge you all to do the same! Share your stories on our facebook page or shoot me a message about your path. Lets build a community around wellness and help encourage others to join us as we journey through the new year.

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