Don't Pull That Weed! - Plantain

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Second in my "weed" series is the hearty plantain. These little plants seem to pop up everywhere. They look to thrive in dry hard soil, or even where there is no soil in the cracks of my driveway. Much like the purslain, the plantain has also made a home in my garden this year, as if begging me to try it out. The larger leaves can be a bit tough but if picked young they are nice and tender. It is said to be high in iron and can be sauteed and tastes a bit like asparagus or swiss chard.

But better yet these little plants make fantastic medicine. The juice from the leave reduce pain and swelling treating everything from sunburn, bites and stings, to sprains, sore muscles, and arthritis. It is recommended to chew the leaves then apply to the affected area, making a spit poultice if you will. Glamorous? No, but if you have a bee sting that's probably the least of your worries. You can also make an infused oil from the leave, I plan to do this so I have it on hand year round. Just another little gift from nature.

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