I'm a Hippie but I like to smell good!

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Going green doesn't always smell the best. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't smell bad, but removing chemicals and artificial fragrances from your detergents and fabric softeners can make your clothing just smell blah.

A while back I started using these wool dryer balls to replace dryer sheets (which are loaded with nasty chemicals). I've read you can add essential oils to the balls to help freshen your laundry, but here's the kicker - heat generally kills the scent of essential oils. In order to get this method to work you must dry your clothes, then add essential oils to the dryer ball, then run another cycle of no heat in the dryer. To me that sounds like a giant waste of time and electricity, not to mention it wasn't that effective.

So perfect solution - I just lightly mist with our room and body spray as I fold. This gives a nice natural scent, and you can choose the aromatherapy for each item. Like our sheets get SLEEP and my workout clothes are misted with MOTIVATE. And I feel good knowing these scents came from nature, not a lab. What's your natural laundry secrets? Any good natural detergent recipes out there?


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