Just say NO to chemicals!

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

I hate chemicals! There I said it, I'm a proud all natural girl. But I also hate dirt and germs (just ask Adam about my OCD cleaning sprees). With two messy dogs, muddy barn boots, and some home renovations, dirt and germs are inevitable.

So needing a more green and natural cleaning solution I whipped up a new recipe for a kitchen and bathroom surface cleaner. Put dried lemon and orange peal in a clean mason jar and cover with white vinegar. I used about a cup each. If completely dry the peals will expand as they soak in the liquid so make sure to use an over sized jar and add vinegar as they become saturated. Let stand for two to four weeks then strain. You will have to squeeze the peals in some cheese cloth to get as much liquid as possible.

Add vinegar to a spray bottle, dilute to 50% with distilled water. For an extra cleaning boost add a few drops of lemon and tea tree essential oils!


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