Lime Essential Oil: Top 5 Uses

Citrus essential oils are always a bright and invigorating addition to any aromatherapy blend. Often taking a back seat to lemon, lime essential oil is a powerhouse that deserves attention!

Lime essential oil is extracted typically through cold pressing the peal of the fruit. The scent is bright and tart, just like the fresh squeezed juice. While generally safe, like most other citrus oil, lime can be phototoxic. Phototoxicity makes the skin hypersensitive to sunlight, so if using lime oil topically (well diluted of course) make sure to avoid sunlight on that area of skin for 12-24 hours.

Top 5 Uses:

1. Eliminate Moodiness

Lime's uplifting scent can help boost mood as well as increase focus, energy, and mental clarity.

2. Natural Air Freshener

The fresh scent is a great way to brighten stale air in your home, office, or vehicle. It is also a great scent to freshen linens, yoga mats, or clothing.

3. Effective Disinfectant

Because of its antiviral properties, lime is a great oil to diffuse in your home or office to help protect you from the cold and flu.

4. Reduce Muscle Pain

Massage aching muscles with a few drops of lime essential oil mixed with a carrier oil. It has been shown to stop muscle cramping and spasms.

5. Reduce Signs of Aging

Lime essential oil helps to tighten muscles and skin as well as prevents hair loss, wrinkles, and age spots.

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