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So many nights this is our view, wondering what the heck we are going to watch to keep us entertained. Now I know we could easily spend this time at the gym, or reading a book, or doing some spiritual practice, but sometimes we like to relax together (the hippie hubby and I) and do something that involves very little effort after a long day. Television fits that bill nicely.

However, watching the same old story spun with different character has gotten a bit old. We scan the channels and check out our streaming services with the same thought every time 'there is nothing to watch'! That is until we discovered the wonderful world of documentaries. Before I lose you to a death by boredom, hear me out. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned from many of these films. We have watch several now about food, some about medicine, and even some biblical documentaries. They are a great way to learn something new, open up you eyes to a problem or dilemma, and inspire you to make change. They are a great conversation starter and a way to move dialog from mindless how is the weather to something much more important.

So I challenge you to grab a good documentary and sit down with an open mind and see what you learn. Better yet, watch one that has a premise that you disagree with. Hear out the opposing arguments and see if anything sways your opinion or solidifies your stance.

Here is our list of recommended titles so far:

What's with Wheat

Food Inc


Up Next:


I would love to hear your favorite documentaries so I can add them to our viewing list. Message me or comment below.


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