Palm Oil Free - Does it matter to you?

Here at the Hippie Homesteader we are proudly palm oil free. I have gone to great lengths since the beginning of this venture, changing vendors, changing recipes, contacting suppliers in order to make sure palm oil stays out of all of our products, but - does it matter to you? One of the most difficult items to find palm oil free seems to be soap. While I have made my own soap for years and make limited runs for our Hippie customers, I found myself out of bar soap and needing to purchase some. This photo represents about a quarter of what is available at our local grocery store for natural and local cosmetic products. Out of the hundreds of soaps sold only a handful were palm oil free and most of those contained other questionable ingredients such as lard, tallow, and artificial fragrances or colors. I ended up with a bar that I am not pleased with at all. Making a batch of soap for myself has just been upgraded to a priority!

So, with what I have found I am wondering if I am the only one standing in the soap aisle (or even scouring small makers websites) in search of a better bar? Do you care if a product is palm oil free? Do you religiously read every ingredient label, ending up disappointed in what your find? I would love for you to let me know your thoughts so I have put together this short survey to see where you all stand. If you guys are as frustrated as I am I would love offer more soap products that you can feel good about using. So please take the survey and I will keep you posted on the results!


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