When the stress of the day gets to be too much reach for the earthy notes of CALM. The Hippie Homesteader CALM Room and Body Spray is a great way to deliver relaxing aromatherapy benefits of pure essential oils all while freshening your environment. Use to freshen your car, yoga mat, home, or as a chemical free perfume alternative.


Lavender: Reduces Anxiety, Alleviates Emotional Stress, Improves Brain Function, and Improves Sleep

Petitgrain: Eases Feelings of Tension and Stress, and Calms Anxieties

Vetiver: Grounding, Calming, and Stabilizes Mood

Marjoram: Reduces Anxiety and Stress, Relaxes Tension, and Balances Mood

CALM Room & Body Spray

  • distilled water, witch hazel, CALM essential oil blend (lavender, petitgrain, vetiver, marjoram)


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