Have a good day and smell great with The Hippie Homesteader Good Day set.


Start your day off right with the spicy, citrus notes of WAKE. Grapefruit and sweet orange help you shake off the morning grumpiness, and the frankincense and ginger invigorate the senses and brighten your day.


Beat the mid day grogginess and lack of focus with the light and energizing scent of MOTIVATE. Rosemary increases memory while the lime, pine needle, and peppermint boost your mental clarity.


And finally, Drift into a restful nights slumber with the sweet and earthy SLEEP blend. The cedarwood and clary sage help reduce stress and anxiety while the lavender and bergamot act as a mild sedative.

Good Day Serum Set

$35.85 Regular Price
$30.47Sale Price

sweet almond oil, WAKE essential oil blend [(grapefruit, frankincense, orange, ginger]


sweet almond oil, MOTIVATE essential oil blend [lime, rosemary, pine needle, peppermint]


sweet almond oil, SLEEP essential oil blend [lavender, bergamot, cedarwood, clary sage]

For more information on our ingredients visit our Essential Oil Glossary page.


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