You asked for it and now they're here. Pure essential oils! Use in your diffusers, dryer balls, in your bath or shower, or your favorite DIY wellness recipe.


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Botanical Name: boswellia serrata
Warm and spicy scent that centers and soothes emotions and calms the mind. Known to strengthen the immune system and help promote healing.


Botanical Name: mentha piperita
Sharp, minty, and sweet scent that can boost energy and alertness. Has been used to reduce congestion and relived headache pain.


Botanical Name: eucalyptus globulus
Strong pungent and herbaceous aroma with woody undertones. Can be used as a non-toxic cleaner, to help battle the cold, or relieve sore muscles.


Tea Tree
Botanical Name: melaleuca alternifolia
Fresh yet slightly medicinal and woodsy scent. Great as a household cleaner and often used to eliminate fungus.


Botanical Name: citrus limon
Strong bright lemon scent can boost alertness and improve mood. Can cause photosensitivity so avoid sun exposure for 12-24 hours after applying to your skin.


Botanical Name: lavandula angustifolia
A rich floral and herbaceous scent. Great for blisters, insect bites, or minor skin irritation. Calming, helps improve sleep, and can help reduce headache pain.


Botanical Name: rosmarinus officinalis
Strong, fresh, herbaceous, and woodsy scent. Know to help stimulate hair growth, reduce infections, and increase focus and memory.


Sweet Orange
Botanical Name: citrus sinensis
A sweet, citrus smell like concentrated orange peels. Know to help eliminate toxins and impart feelings of warmth and happiness.


Patchouli (dark)
Botanical Name: pogostemon cablin
Warm, rich, and earthy aroma, often associated with hippies of the '60's and '70's. A natural insect repellant and used as a seductive perfume.


Botanical Name: citrus bergamia
Fruity and sweet with a warm spicy floral scent. Thought to relieve anxiety and depression as well as help digestion, skin health, and reduce fever.


Botanical Name: cymbopogon flexuosus
Fresh, citrus, and herbaceous scent that is revitalizing for the mind and body. Also a great natural insect repellant.

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